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Common_car.bnk by V8Motors v1.4

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Common_car.bnk by V8Motors


Данная версия совместима с машинами:
Ford Mustang Shelby SVT GT500 '2010 full
KamAZ 4911
Dodge challenger SRT8 2009
Chevrolet Chevelle 1970 (new)

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by FenixZ


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read-me file translated by google

--------- _ Common_car.bnk by V8Motors _ ---------


This version is compatible with the following modes:
• Ford Mustang Shelby SVT GT500 '2010 full
• KamAZ 4911
• Dodge challenger SRT8 2009

Recommended system requirements:
RAM: ~ 3 GB
Video: 8600GT

by FenixZ

Why do I need Common_car.bnk by V8Motors? It's no secret that the files in tdu have a size limit of 3MB and 6MB body salon. TDU uses textures to DDS, which have a certain size at a certain resolution. Thus, high-resolution textures, such as 1280x1024 or 2048x2048 in bnk model can not shove. As it is impossible to create a new bnk and bind it to their model, but there is one but it but - Common_car.bnk. He's already tied to all models and each machine or the wheel using it. Ie this is a great archive with a common texture. But even here there are nuances. Add or remove a texture in bnk archive is not possible, you can only replace, but there are enough bnk carved textures of the game, but remained in the bnk, they are then used by me in my fashions.

If you see a description of the model "is required from Common_car.bnk V8Motors" you should download it
at - V8M - Каталог файлов
And do not use one that is in the archive, because He is constantly being updated in the archive can be an older version that does not support the new machine is already installed.

Compatible with your mods in Common_car.bnk
If you have a lot of mods in Commoncar, it can be pulled out of the desired texture and stick to his aid when modding TOOLS. If you have a few mods, for example - just a number, it is better to put this number in Common_car.bnk by V8Motors.

Why did I choose such a tedious way?
Because I am using vysokopoligonnye models that take up lots of space and texture of the place itself is not enough. much nicer to play with clear vinyl, stripes, lights or messages, what with the muddy and smeared.
Originally Common_car.bnk by V8Motors created for use only for the club, and the network flowed light, lower-quality models - for example GT500 2010LI, where they were fuzzy texture of the body, without the GPS, its wheels and other Fitch. But after the birth of the club, the network had been poured all vnutriklubnye modifications and this Common_car.bnk by V8Motors.

For the experienced user replacement is not difficult, but the newcomers will have to sweat.

Step by step instructions for installation mode:

If you have no mods on the Common Car
Replace the following files in these folders:
• Kuzov.bnk & Salon.bnk - in \ Test Drive Unlimited \ Euro \ Bnk \ Vehicules
• Wheel - a \ Test Drive Unlimited \ Euro \ Bnk \ Vehicules \ Rim \ stamp machine
• Audio - a \ Test Drive Unlimited \ Euro \ Bnk \ Sound \ Vehicules
• Common_car.bnk - in \ Test Drive Unlimited \ Euro \ Bnk \ Vehicules

If you have a fashion for Common Car
1. We need the TDU Modding Tools - V8M - Каталог файлов
2. Click File Browser -> Load BNK - choose v8m Common car.
3. Looking for texture 2db who want to stick to his BOC, click Extract
4. We will have some texture. Now load your BOC. Select the same texture, which we pulled out of v8m, click
Replace -> Keep name and replace.
5. Close modding TOOLS and put his back to BOC \ Test Drive Unlimited \ Euro \ Bnk \ Vehicules.
- Done

---------------------- Http: \ \ V8MOTORS.RU-- ------------------